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We know your time is best devoted to your business. At J. Joseph Inc we provide a range of technical and business professional services designed to support your unique software and technical requirements.

J. Joseph Inc delivers technical solutions focused on making you productive including; technology planning, software development to implementation, maintenance and support.

We can also assist you in providing professional services such as; technical advisory, business analysis, strategy planning and project planning. Whether you are just beginning your business or a going concern we provide your business with cost-effective, technology solutions in areas such as: internet-based solutions, mobile/tablet based applications, and Internet of Things (IoT).

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Who we are

J. Joseph Inc (JJI) is a team of people who are innovative and fun loving, with a real passion for problem solving & technology. We are extremely agile in our ways. We are also incredibly nice, honest and fun to be associated with. JJI looks at everything as a learning experience and pursues it with passion, focusing on our goals, using our strengths, embracing and improving on our weaknesses. We look at everyday as if it is a new beginning and a new world full of interesting challenges.

JJI's management team brings decades of experience and thought leadership that guide the company’s direction.

All said, JJI is a company driven by challenge and the idea that nothing is impossible when smart and trusting people understand the goal.

Where we are located

J. Joseph Inc was formed in 1999 and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. All JJI client representatives and project management teams are located in the United States accessible when you need to reach them. Our Software Development Center is SSAE 16 Type 1 Compliant. Our certification requires, among other items, annual information security and vulnerability audits, thus ensuring our facility and team is up to date in safe guarding our clients information.



Who we service

J. Joseph Inc provides services directly to clients and to customers of our client's. Since our inception we have been assisting individuals, non-profits, start-ups, small business, mid-sized companies and multinational organizations including... m13

Based on our engagement agreements, we are not always able to disclose projects or client names. We respectfully adhere to strict client confidentiality and business code of ethics.

At J. Joseph Inc we do whatever it takes to make sure our customer service is the best in the business... fast, friendly and knowledgeable.



Plan It With Me

Plan It With Me was handcrafted by J. Joseph Inc over a couple of years. It was designed based on our clients, along with our own needs for a better way to plan, organize & track. Plan It With Me has grown into a premiere cloud based platform. It is comprised of several tools with unlimited combinations to help you plan & organize your events, projects, discussions & whatever you need to do.

Plan It With Me gives you the tools to; PLAN, your tasks, timing & resources... ORGANIZE, your actions, goals & milestones... TRACK, your progress towards milestones & success.m33

The better way to plan & organize!

Organize by Projects, Teams and Groups. Plan, Execute Tasks, Communicate via Message Walls & Discussions. Share Documents, Budgets, Content & Diagrams. Track Progress & Milestones by Team, Group or Individual Participants. Unique Views by Individual, Team or Client. Options for Notifications & Alerts via email & Mobile Devices.

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